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Creating insights that drive and shape design. If you have ever created digital solutions, you know how quickly things can get complicated. I draw on my experience as a researcher and designer to speak on how insights can guide the design process.

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Emilie Møllenbach

I am currently the Product Design Lead at MobilePay, a great little payment app in Denmark. I have an MSc in Game Design and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and used to be a researcher. My previous position was Assistant Professor at ITU in the Department of Digital Design. I have taught Interaction Design, Digital Innovation and Experimental Design to name a few for about 10 years and given countless lectures on these topics. I thoroughly enjoy giving talks on the theory, method, and applied practice of UX and Digital Design, in 2018 I did a TEDx talk about Insightful Design:
I am also passionate about psychology, personal growth, and spirituality, topics that have have been evolving alongside my professional career and play a large part in my perspective and what I bring to the world - and also topics I would be happy to speak on.

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I have been working with user research and digital design for almost 20 years. As a researcher, I gained a firm grip on the philosophy, theory, and methods of design thinking. As an applied practitioner, I have a lot of experience in how design thinking can bridge business requirements and IT development. But also insights into when it doesn't work in practice, and what to do about it. I can emphasize the following themes more or less depending on your needs.

- User Research: Gaining insight into known and unknown needs
- Design Processes: Translating user insights into product requirements, defining the problem space
- Workshop Design: Building insights into the solution space by going deep as a group
- Design Reviews and Reflections: Iteratively challenging our insights and understandings
- Tools and Techniques: Sketching as a way of capturing insights

I look forward to spending an insightful time with you.

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